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Company profile

Since 1972 the  company  BRUSA&GARBOLI  srl  has been  developing, manufacturing and successfully worldwide exporting  special  woodworking machines.

Among  the  decades the  engineering  and  production   focused  on  milling  machines,  copy  lathes  and  sanding  units for round  and  oval  items, like furniture and  chairs fittings, stairs components, handles for  agricultural tools and semifinished parts for  both turning and joinery industries.

The  great  experience acquired  during  so many  years allowed to develop beside  the  traditional  electro-mechanic  machines  , also CN operated  models  as  well as multi process production lines,  while machines quality  and  relevant  accuracy with items production has been  appreciated  by a large  number  of  customers  throughout  the  entire  world,  among  those  companies like  IKEA and Thonet, that  enabled  us  to  become undisputed  world leaders  in  some  specific production fields.

Particular  attention is  given  to  customer needs, with the possibility of machines manufacturing and customizing in accordance  to production  requirements or  investment budgets.

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Brusa & Garboli Srl. (Società unipersonale) - Special Woodworking Machines
Via dell' Industria, 1 - 28924 - Fondotoce (Verbania) Italy - Tel. +39.0323.586958 - brusadigarboli@brusa.it
P.IVA / VAT Number IT01317520037