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  • Wood rod milling machine TA 30
  • Cross cutting machine for wood round doweld CUT

SPI line for dowels production

Turning machine for wood  fluted rods production

This  set  of  machines  enables to obtain dowels for  furniture components or  windows and  doors  frames and  is consisting  of:

  • Automatic doweling  machine type TA30 to  produce  small and  medium  quantities of plain or  helicoidal  fluted wooden rods, having  diameters  range from  6 to  18 mm.;  this  unit  works with  fix  diameter tools, to be  replaced  per  each size and  by mounting a specific  equipment is possible to  make round rods with helicoidal fluting.

    Average  productivity  of  this  unit  is  around 4 mt/minute.

  • Dowel cross  cutting  machine type CUT for  perpendicular  cut  and  top-bottom chamfering  on  fluted  and  plain wooden  bars to  produce  dowels having  length  20 – 100 mm.  and  for  diameters  range  6 – 18 mm.

A  special  “drum”  loading  system  enables to  load  up  to  24  bars  at a  time,  granting  a large  working  capacity  without operator

This  machine  enables an average   productivity  of   30 – 35  cuts  per  minute , resulting  a  good  and  affordable  solution  for  small – medium  productivity requirements.




Technical data:

Minimum diameter: 6 mm. Maximum diameter: 18 mm.
Further  details on  TA30 and CUT  machine  data sheets.  


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SPI line for dowels production is suitable for production of:

Helicoidal Fluted Dowels

Helicoidal Fluted Dowels

Spiral Fluted Bars

Spiral Fluted Bars

Wood Pin Dowels

Wood Pin Dowels

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