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  • Knives sharpening machine – ACS
  • Holder for knives resharpening

Knives sharpening machine – ACS

Resharpening machine for milling machine knives 

Special  knife  resharpener  for  knives  mounted  on the  following  machines model: TA30,  TV45, TV65, TV80, END 50, TS60, TS60CN.

This  machine is equipped  with a  specific locking and positioning  system  for  knives in order  to  enable  an accurate  and  consistent knives resharpening on  straight, bent and profiled  blades .



Technical data:

Maximum  knife  dimension: 100 mm. Grinding wheel motor power: 0,75 Kw.
Maximum grinding wheel diameter: 150 mm. Motors voltage: 400V/50 Hz.


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Knives sharpening machine – ACS accessories:

Knife Resharpening Wheel

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