Brusa&Garboli Macchine speciali per la lavorazione del legno - Special wood working machines
The company

Woodworking machines

We are producers of special woodworking machines, our line of production includes about 25 different machines (from wood turning lathes to automatic copying milling machines and wood threading machine) suitable to the production of the following articles: WOOD TOOL HANDLES FOR AGRICOLTURAL TOOLS PRODUCTION: shovel - hoe - rake broom - pic - axe - hammer. WOOD TURNING LATHES: to produce sticks and rods, straight pieces and curved pieces for wood chairs and tables. WOOD SANDING AND MILLING MACHINES: special equipments to sand profiled extremities with round, square and rectangular section and to sand small pieces very curved. SOLID FURNITURE: fittings for chairs straight and curved type Thonet - legs - feets - columns for tables and beds. RATTAN FURNITURE: working of all fittings straight and curved. SPORT APPLIANCES: billiard cues - paddles oars. WOOD DOWELS AND WOODEN SCREWS. SPECIAL WORKINGS: plastic materials - graphite- straight and curved metal tubes.p